1. Take a 30 Second video on Your Smartphone.
    1. Tell us your name.
    2. Where the property was located.
    3. Tell us about the condition of the property, and your situation.
    4. How did Skyler help?
  2. Send to

Here is an Example:

Dan Sold His Home Fast For Cash As Is In Salt Lake City Utah To

It might sound a little something like this:

“Hello, my name is Garrett from Sandy, Utah. I sold my home (fast|as-is|without doing repairs) for cash to Skyler helped me in my situation because I was slammed between two jobs, and I was struggling to finish the repairs on my condo. I had already missed a mortgage payment, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting paid from my new job for another couple of weeks. I had to do something fast, and Skyler helped me sell my home without doing repairs. He purchased all cash, and agreed to my terms.”

-There is an example of an awesome review by Mr. B to the right.

Or you can see more examples Here.


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HERE’S HOW to upload to youtube:

  1. Activate the phone’s Wi-Fi. The best way to upload a video is to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. …
  2. From the Apps Menu screen, choose the Gallery app.
  3. View the video you want to upload. …
  4. Touch the Share button, and choose YouTube from the menu.
  5. Fill in the blanks to describe the video. …
  6. Touch the Upload button.

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