We Buy Houses Cash in Elk Ridge

We Buy Houses Cash in Elk Ridge, Utah County

Elk Ridge is a city in Utah County, Utah, United States. Named for a herd of elk that wintered in the area, it is part of the Provo–Orem, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Elk Ridge was built on the 1800 acre Goosenest Ranch nestled against Mount Loafer in the south end of Utah County. The ranch got its name from an area of land in the west end of Elk Ridge known as “The Goosenest”. The geese came to nest in this area for many years. It is a natural basin that had been improved upon to hold water that flowed down from Payson Canyon. However, after strengthening the dam and building a canal that ran from the reservoir to Payson, those early builders were most disappointed because the reservoir would not hold water. The water entered the basin and within a few days would disappear; travel underground and show up in the fields two or three miles to the north. Their beautiful project was a failure. Until recently, Payson still would send the high water down to the Goosenest and it would still disappear. The course it would take has cut a very deep wash through the Goosenest area. It is interesting that the first road to access Payson Canyon was up through this Goosenest area.

In 1990 the Census recorded a population in Elk Ridge of 771 people. By January 1994 the town had grown to 230 homes. Presently in 2008, we have approximately 550 homes and an estimated population of 2,500 people.

Family Life in Elk Ridge

Shuler Park is located by the City Office on Park Drive. The pavilion can be rented for large gatherings.  Elk Ridge Meadows 1 Park is now officially named Mt Loafer Park located at 1227 North Bear Hollow Lane. Elk Ridge Meadows 2 Park is now officially named Elk Ridge Meadows Park located at 205 West Sky Hawk Way.


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