We Buy Houses Cash in Provo

We Buy Houses Cash in Provo, Utah County

Provo is the third-largest city in Utah, United States, located 43 miles (69 km) south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front. Provo is the largest city and county seat of Utah County.

Utah Valley was the traditional home of the Ute Indians. These people have known also as the Yuta Indians or the Uta Indians. Looking at the names of the native people of the state, it becomes obvious from whence Utah got its name. These Indians called Utah Valley home because Utah Lake was full of fish that kept the tribe fed and they were protected from bellicose groups of Indians that lived in the Northeast. The Wasatch Front acted as a natural barrier to the enemies of the Ute Indians.

Two Spanish Franciscan priests named Escalante and Dominguez led a group of what is believed to be the first white visitors to come into Utah Valley. They kept an excellent written record of their journey and the places that they visited. This group came from Santa Fe, New Mexico along with a route that was called The Old Spanish Trail. They came to this area to meet with the Ute Indians. They had been doing business with the Utes for some time. In their written record, the Franciscan monks recorded that they were so impressed with the beautiful, green valley that they made plans to set up a settlement in Utah Valley as soon as possible. However, there was a retrenchment in Spanish new-world colonization, this kept the Franciscans from setting up their settlement in Utah Valley. All that remains of their visits to the area are their written records.

Provo is worth a visit for anyone interested in the state of Utah. While there, visitors should see the historic sites that the city has to offer, including Brigham Young University, the Provo Tabernacle, and the Utah County Building.


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