We Buy Houses Cash in Riverton

We Buy Houses Cash in Riverton, Salt Lake County

Riverton is a city in Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. It is part of the Salt Lake City, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 38,753 at the 2010 census. Riverton is located in the rapidly growing Southwestern corner of the Salt Lake Valley.

Located in the southern end of Salt Lake Valley, the first people of European descent to live in the area that is now Riverton settled in the mid-1850s. These early settlers scattered widely along the river bottom in crude dugout homes. Although the early accounts disagree, Archibald Gardner may have been the first to settle Riverton land. The town was originally referred to as “Gardnerville” prior to changing its name to Riverton. Riverton’s initial growth was slow because of the lack of water for irrigation. When more water became available, the town began to grow. Eventually, three canals were built to extend water from the nearby Jordan River to the benchland areas, providing irrigation for agricultural uses to the larger area.

Family Life in Riverton

Quality recreation is at the heart of Riverton City’s hometown atmosphere. In addition to more than 30 parks and multiple trail systems that support activity and vitality among its residents, our Parks & Recreation department facilitates a long list of recreation programs and special events that enrich a sense of community and legacies of family traditions.

From splash pads, sports leagues, community classes, concerts in the park, holiday events and much, much more… there’s always something fun going on in Riverton!

Special Events

What makes Riverton City special? Among the many reasons people love living in Riverton, the assortment of special events hosted each month help create long-standing traditions that draw people back to our City and bring Riverton families together. 

Many people don’t even know how many opportunities the City provides fun and quality gathering. We encourage you to learn more about our special events and watch our activity calendar to make sure you are aware of upcoming activities.

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